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Rennes February 2011 presentations

Salima Baraka Lokmane - CLIMAWAT Introduction
Pascal Goderniaux - Impacts of Climate Change on Groundwater Reserves
Laurent Longuevergne - Assessing groundwater ressources under human and climatic pressure
Bruno Mougin - Quelques Actions du BRGM sur la ressource en eau souterraine
Tanguy le Borgne - Le site de Plomeur
Laurent Longuevergne - Applied geophysics methods to constrain a reference hydrological model
J. Jimenez-Martinez - Aquifer Recharge: Plomeur Site
Martin Smith - Water Quality and Sampling Strategy
Salima Baraka Lomane - Effect of climate change on the recharge mechanisms in the Chalk aquifer, Patcham catchment
Kevin Hiscock - Aquitard Characteristics of Clay Rich Till Deposits in East Anglia, Eastern England
Kevin Hiscock - Modelling the impacts of climate change on groundwater
resources in southern and eastern England